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General | FAQ

  • What is findyourteacher? is a platform where teachers and schools can offer their services in a profile. Potential students can contact the teachers or schools via the platform. In the integrated chat function, both can exchange information about the further procedure (such as offer, location, price, date, etc.).

  • Who can use findyourteacher?

    With the platform, anyone can search for teachers or schools without registering. In order to contact a teacher or school it is necessary to register as a student. With the created profile, a request can be sent via the profile page of the teacher or school using our chat function. All details about the further procedure (like offer, place, price, date etc.) will follow individually and flexibly via the chat afterwards.

    Teacher and school have to register to create a profile. We offer different packages that include different options that decide how they are displayed in the search. 

  • What does findyourteacher cost?

    Registration for teachers, students and schools is free of charge.

    Schools and teachers have the possibility to choose different profile variants in order to create a profile afterwards. Through the profile, the schools and teachers can be found in the search and are even automatically optimized by us for the search engine. The profiles are thus perfectly optimized for the search engine via the regional search.

    The registration as a school enables a better external presentation of the school. More pictures of the school can be uploaded via the school's profile and each individual teacher can be represented. The school will also be highlighted separately as a school in the search. Therefore it is a good idea to register as a school.

    Optional features can be added after registration.

  • Can findyourteacher be used worldwide?

    The platform findyourteacher can be used worldwide in two languages (German and English). You can search for teachers and schools worldwide.

As a Teacher / School | FAQ

  • How can I register?

    Register for free at our registration. 

  • What does findyourteacher cost?

    The respective profile can be registered free of charge via the registration for teachers / schools. You can choose between the package "Teacher" and the package "School".

  • How can I cancel my contract or delete my account?

    On the Edit profile page you will find the "Delete account" function. Use this function to terminate the contract immediately. Please note that all your data, except for two exceptions, will be irrevocably deleted. We can NOT restore any data after that, because we are obliged to follow the deletion of your data according to DSGVO.

    If invoices/credit notes with data (first name, last name, address, city, postal code, country, email address, invoice items, amount and payment method) exist, these and the data of your communication (first name, last name, message text and email address) with us will be stored for at least 10 years, as we are required by law to keep them for a period of at least 10 years. This data will not be automatically removed when you delete your account.

As a student | FAQ

  • Do I have to register a profile?

    In principle, no profile is necessary for the use of the website. As soon as a potential student makes a request to a teacher or a school, a registration with a free personal profile is necessary.

  • How can I register?

    Via Homepage you can find the function "Login / Registration", which allows you to create a free profile as a student. After that it is possible to send requests to schools and teachers.

  • What does findyourteacher cost?

    The registration is free of charge!

  • How do I delete my account?

    On the page Edit profile you will find the function "Delete account". This function terminates the contract for a free profile immediately. Please note that all your data, except one exception, will be irrevocably deleted. We cannot then restore any data, as according to DSGVO we are obliged to delete your data.

    The data (e-mail address, message text, first name and surname) of your communication with us will be stored for at least 10 years, as we are required by law to keep them for a period of at least 10 years. This data will not be removed automatically if you delete your account.