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The development of

We founded this platform with the vision of making teacher-related services bookable anywhere and at any time.

Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for you to get started in all industries such as music, tutoring, cooking, languages, health etc. with a free choice of teacher, flexible teaching locations, desired times and a digital exchange.

Since we founded this platform, it has been important to us to give almost everyone access to the platform. Of course, we also want to further develop this platform and thus offer all users additional functions. Every registered teacher or school will make this platform better and better. In the end everyone benefits from new and comfortable features! Our roadmap gives you an overview.

Our Roadmap

Integrated functions

  • Search

    The search is possible worldwide.

  • Chat

    Registered teachers and schools can be contacted via the chat function.

  • International

    The website is extended by the language English. Teachers, students and schools can register worldwide.

  • Schools

    Schools have the possibility to specify their own teachers on the profile page.

  • Languages

    Teachers and schools have the possibility to indicate the languages in which lessons are given.

  • Branches V2

    Extend the platform to include areas such as tutoring, languages, health, sports, business, etc.

Future functions

  • Scheduler

    Teachers and schools will have a scheduler at their disposal.

  • Booking system

    Teachers and schools have a booking system at their disposal, which can also be used for billing.

  • mobile App

    The platform is available as an app for iOS and Android.

  • Evaluation

    Teachers and schools can be evaluated.

  • Highlighting in search

    Teachers and schools have the possibility to be marked as TOP Teachers and to be highlighted in the search.

  • Extended profiles

    We extend the profile page of teachers and schools with additional functions such as videos, lesson times, etc.

  • Lessons by video

    We are expanding the platform to enable video lessons.

  • Reply in Chat

    Teachers and schools can create Reply messages so that students receive an immediate response as soon as a request is sent.

  • Branches V3

    We are expanding the platform to include other industries.

  • Multiuser

    Schools have the possibility to create separate entrances for their own teachers.

  • Local retailers

    Enable local retailers to display ads for local searches (e.g. instrument dealers). In this way, we want to support local retailers.

  • Instrument insurance

    Offer instrument insurances suitable for searches in the area of music.

  • Klarna integration

    Expand payment options to include Klarna.